What Is The Difference Between Free and Paid Email Hosting?

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A business requires a lot of things in the digital space like a website, blogs, presence on social media platforms, online reviews, etc. However, most business owners don’t pay much attention to Business Email Hosting. This is more prevalent in startups where entrepreneurs try to get by with free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. and save the costs of purchasing an Email Hosting service. 

When you purchase hosting for your emails, there are various benefits that are offered. Today, we will look at the differences between free and paid Email Hosting services to help you make the decision.

As mentioned above, a free email service is offered by providers like Yahoo, Gmail, etc., and carries the domain name of the provider. So, an email account with Gmail would have the structure [email protected] 

However, when you opt for a Business Email service, then you can create email accounts based on your domain. These accounts would have the structure “[email protected]”. 

Differences between Free and Paid Email Hosting

FeatureFree Email HostingPaid Email Hosting
Confidentiality of your dataIf you are using a free email service, then the provider is offering space on its servers to store your emails. Since it does not charge you, advertisements are placed on the email interface by the provider. These ads/banners are based on the history of your usage and profile. While the providers keep your information secure, they use it to generate revenue.When you opt for a paid Email Hosting service, the provider does not place any advertisements or banners on the interface since you are paying for it. Hence, your personal information and usage history remain confidential. 
Access to the email accountSince free email providers endeavor to offer email services to thousands of users to generate more advertising revenue, they ensure that the email accounts can be accessed from any device. Paid Email Hosting providers also try to ensure multi-device compatibility. However, some cheap Email Hosting companies might offer fewer features to save costs. Hence, ensure that you check compatibility before buying a Business Email Hosting service.
Trust in the brandAn email sent from a free account has no visible proof that the sender is from the organization since anyone can create a free email account in any name. Hence, most people view such email accounts with skepticism and don’t blindly trust the contents of the email.When you buy Email Hosting, you create Business Email accounts based on your company’s name or domain name. Hence, when users receive emails, they can clearly see that the sender belongs to the organization making it easier to trust the email and the brand.
StorageWhen you open a free email account, the provider offers limited storage. Some providers offer an option to pay a small amount to upgrade to add resources; the features are limited too. When you opt for paid Email Hosting services, you can add storage and other resources as per your requirements. This ensures that your mailbox grows with your business.
Price of the serviceFree plans do not cost a dime and are meant for personal use.These hosting plans are charged since the provider offers top-notch security, storage scalability, and various other features.

You can also check out the following video for a quick differentiation between free and paid Email Hosting services:

Summing Up

While free email services might seem like an easy choice, it is important to remember that they have certain limitations. On the other hand, paid Email Hosting offers various benefits to Business Email users. Hence, ensure that you consider the points mentioned above and make an informed decision. Good Luck!