Significant Things You Can Do With Your Linux VPS

Significant Things You Can Do With Your Linux VPS

A Virtual Private Server is a powerful machine that offers a Dedicated Server-like computing environment. It is created by using virtualization techniques to divide a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server has dedicated resources, complete root access, and works in isolation from the others. Many website owners buy a VPS Server when they are looking to purchase hosting services for their site for the range of benefits offered. Also, when it comes to operating systems, Linux VPS Hosting plans are more popular than Windows-based plans. 

The following video explains the rising popularity of Linux VPS Web Hosting –

However, is web hosting the only thing you can do with a VPS? 

In this article, we will share some significant things that you can do with your Linux VPS Server.

1. Website Hosting

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a VPS is website hosting. This is the most common use of a virtual server. A web hosting service based on a virtual server offers maximum control, top-notch security, and reliability for the website. A Linux VPS Hosting plan allows you to leverage the benefits of the Linux operating system and run and manage your website with ease.

2. Web Server Hosting

Another common use of a VPS is hosting web servers since it can do everything that a regular webserver does. You can run webserver software and even upload HTML files on your VPS. Hosting a web server opens a range of possibilities that can help you optimize your VPS.

3. Self-host Apps

In today’s times, most of us use several SaaS-based apps for various reasons. For example, we use apps like Dropbox, Slack, ERP, CRM, HR software, etc. A Linux VPS allows you to find self-hosting alternatives to these apps that are usually free and offer complete control. While it requires more time and skill, the cost-saving can be significant.

4. Game Server

In recent years, online gaming has evolved as a favorite pastime for many users. This, coupled with the increasing accessibility of the internet across the world, has led to a rise in gaming too. Games are usually hosted on Dedicated Servers. However, Dedicated Servers can cost a lot. Alternatively, you can host the game on a VPS with good configurations.

5. Mail Server

Most businesses use a paid Email Hosting service for professional emails. You can use a Linux VPS to host your email server in-house. This allows you more control over the email accounts of your employees and saves costs. There are several open-source email servers available on the internet. While they might need some technical expertise, the benefits can be worth the effort.

6. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks are essential in today’s times as they help online users hide their personal and sensitive information from online hackers. While there are many VPN services available, both free and paid, having an in-house VPN can offer more security and privacy. With a VPS, you can install a VPN to add customizability, control, and security to your VPN use.

Summing Up

When you buy a good quality VPS Server, the list of things that you can do is virtually endless. Apart from the things mentioned above, you can host your own VoIP server, use Virtual network computing (VNC), make it an external backup server, use it for the Internet of Things, etc. Ensure that you review the options available to you and buy a VPS Server plan that is best suited to your needs. Good Luck!