Guest Blogging to Increase Backlinks

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Guest blogging is a popular tactic used by businesses to boost their search engine rankings and improve online visibility. The idea is simple: publish a high-quality article or post on a high-quality website, and include a backlink to your site in that post.

Blog readers will find it interesting and may click on the link to go to your site. If the article’s content is good, they’ll stay on your site and be more likely to share the article with their friends.

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Determine Guest Blogging Goals

The guest blogging objective will determine the way and extent of your guest posts. Setting your goal will help you modify your guest posting according to your re-checking your guest posting opportunities again.

Suppose your primary objective or goal is to create personalized traffic, In that case, you wish to target sites with a broad social reach, more extensive email lists and usually get organic traffic tones. The main goals of guest blogging are as follows:

  • Increase search engine rankings (SERs)
  • Attract targeted traffic to your site
  • Create more leads
  • Reach extensive viewers
  • Create authority around your business
  • Introduce your services and products

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities?

You can find guest blogging opportunities by following four methods:

  • Google Searches
  • Prolific Guest Bloggers
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Social Searches

1. Google Searches:

Google is an excellent place to begin looking for guest posting opportunities. With the advanced Google search operatives, you may search sites that approve guest posts in your particular niche. It creates it simpler for you to explore them with a Google search. By mentioning search queries associated with contributing to a blog, Google will fetch many websites with similar titles.

2. Prolific Guest Bloggers: 

It is an excellent method to search other websites that approve guest authors, but not in a significant amount. It will help if you start acquiring authors into your niche frequently as “prolific guest bloggers.” It will assist you in searching other websites that approve guest contributions from other authors. The extremely best guest bloggers are Neil Patel, Mark Traphagen, BenjiAcciola, and more.

3. Competitor Backlinks:

If you wish to discover the quality and appropriate guest post opportunities, you may use Google’s different tools. Take your best rivals and evaluate their backlink profiles. If they previously approved a guest post from a competitor, there is the best opportunity they will approve one as well. It is excellent as you can rapidly repeat the efforts of your competitors.

4. Social Searches: 

Many guest posters and bloggers will share their new guest posts on the social media platform. There are many methods you can search for options via social media. Some methods are to evaluate your competitors’ feeds to view if they sponsored any guest posts, access the same search terms as Google Search operators by joining your guest blogging terms and keywords together, and more.  

Be Selective About Where You Pitch

Pitching one site that is correct for you is better than mistaking 100 sites for you. Personalized emails can help most probably your emails are opened. Most of the time people don’t care about marketing emails. There we recommend personalized emails. 

If you do not acquire feedback on your primary pitch, wait for four days or a week, then follow-up. You have to try some most excellent tools to automate follow-up.

Choose a Site in a Similar Niche

If you choose a particular niche like technology blogs, you will not perform the best on a fashion site. Selecting a website that can make you feel like a guess for the keywords is beneficial for understanding each word’s importance in the audiences’ niche.

If it is well written, managed, and attractive, readers will relish your post. But they don’t require your facilities. Your website should be fit for the particular niche. Therefore, you have to choose a similar niche for your website.

Review the Site’s Performance (For example, check spam score, traffic and DA and DR)

Check the website and find topics that will be the best fit for the website but have not yet been covered. DA uses several guest bloggers to check the value of a prospective website. You may do this by setting the domain rating (DR) filter with a maximum of nearly 30. The following points show the website may be an excellent option for your guest post:

  • The domain authority (DA) should be more than 50
  • It comprises nearly 10,000 or above social followers
  • It must have engaged long-term viewers.

How to Pitch a Guest Post Idea?

The primary step to a successful guest post pitch is to select your target website wisely. It may help you stop wasting time on magazines and others that are not best for your content, style, and viewers. Next, you will have to search your target website. The website you are targeting should have rules and guidelines, and you need to follow them if you wish them to approve your pitch.

Hopefully, your exploration will pay off, and your target website will reply that they are ready to hear your pitch. It means it is the best time for more study and you have to search and pitch some topic ideas. If you are a beginner, don’t forget about SEO which is very important for you. You must select trending topics with high-quality keywords.

After selecting the best topics, you have to write a small or short description for every topic. Now, you can send your pitches to the target website for approval. You have to show the target blog that you agree with and easy to work with, making you more needed as a guest poster. Hopefully, they will reply to you rapidly.

How to Submit a Great Guest Post?

It is based on the quality of the website you are sending your content. Keep the post as a guest; send an actual or unique post to a targeted publication that your viewers trust. If the website contains nothing but 900+ word posts with many screenshots, your post should be the same.

If the website or blog has nothing but posts with 400 or 500 words or less with only one photo, your posts must be identical. Generating content that editors will accept is much more straightforward when you know what publishers or editors wish to publish.

Those new ideas are the main reason editors approve the guest posts. Written content remains among the highly efficient and easily scalable types of content. The content must be well-written, clearly organized, attractive and engaging.


Guest blogging is an excellent method to create relevant links to your blog from famous websites within your niche. If you do not know good quality guest blogging opportunities, it can be a difficult job. But if you know all the most excellent tricks, it will save your precious time. So, through this article, you can easily find guest blogging opportunities, a way to submit a great guest post, and more.