4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall For the Cheap Cloud Web Hosting Trap

Web hosting is a cost – a recurring cost. While some businesses embrace the costs since they believe in providing the best site experience to their customers, some others look for cheaper options due to budget constraints or because they don’t want to spend a lot on hosting. When you search the market for cheap or even free web hosting plans, you will be surprised by the number of options available to you. However, are these cheaper plans worth it? Do they have hidden costs? Or, is there something that you are missing? In this article, we will share four major reasons why you should avoid falling for cheap web hosting. The hosting type we will focus on will be the Cloud Hosting Service.

  1. Slow Page Load speeds

Cloud Hosting is considered to be faster than most other hosting types. In today’s times, you need a hosting plan that speeds up the load time of your website. In order to offer high speeds, the host needs to have a high-end infrastructure. If the hosting plan is cheap, then the chances are that the host would to want to spend a lot on the infrastructure. Therefore, you might have to compromise on site speeds. Some good hosting companies run promotional campaigns regularly. Ensure that you check if the prices are low because of promotional activity or because the company generally charges low.

  1. SEO can get impacted

Cheaper plans can lead to slow site speeds, frequent downtimes, and loading errors. All these factors can impact the SEO of your website. Before you buy a plan, try to read reviews from existing customers about downtimes and loading errors along with site speeds.

  1. Website security

Websites need to be secure. If the users find security issues with a website, then they abandon it. This can lead to a loss of brand image and SEO rankings as well. A website resides on the webserver. Therefore, the host needs to employ the latest security measures to keep your website safe. However, these security tools come at a high price and web hosts offering cheap plans might not be able to include them in their budget. Hence, your website can be vulnerable to hackers and viruses.

  1. Customer Support

Usually, web hosts offering cheap hosting plans do not offer managed support to their customers. So, if you are not technically adept, then you might find it difficult to handle technical snags that your website faces. Therefore, you must ensure that the host offers good customer support before buying the plan.


We understand that a cheaper hosting plan can seem attractive to new site owners. However, it is important to consider the long-term implications of not having the best host for your website. Loss of business and brand reputation can cost you more in the long-run than a slightly higher-priced hosting plan at the start. Hence, if you are planning to opt for Cloud Hosting services, then look for one that is cost-efficient and ensures that your website gets the resources it deserves. Good Luck!